Pole Fitness Class Info

Hey Sexy, Thinking about joining us for Pole fit classes?

Well babe, you made the right choice!

Pole fitness classes have so many benefits its incredible.

Let’s name a few:

The art of Pole Dance is sensual and erotic, beautiful moves to learn to be able to share with your Honey.

Awesome work out

Helps elimininate Depression and reduce stress organically!

Learn moves, swings, poses, transitions, floowork and so much more!

You can purchase a package or 1 single intro class for $15 by

Clicking on the pink banner( Sexy Love Pole studio)

If you would like more info please fill out a contact form or Request an appointment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Get ready to become a Twisted Polerina! Happy Poling.

Studio: (213)700-3153


416 w. whittier blvd. Montebello ca 90640


Pole Fitness Instructor